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Programme features

Keynote Lectures

Keynote lectures are given by experts in their field on various topics of infection biology of human pathogenic fungi. All lecturers will stay for 1-2 nights and join the particpants for breaks and meals, providing ample opportunity for informal networking.

Practical training

Practical training by performing experiments hands-on is the main focus of this course. After an introduction to the experiments, all participants will perform the practical work. In all experiments we'll have different experimental groups for which we expect different outcomes - the obtained data will be evaluated and the results discussed at the end of the course.
All experimental work will be supervised by tutors or members of our groups that are using the models routinely.

Coffee and lunch breaks

For coffee breaks, we'll use the social area in LH3, the building were also the course lab, labs of the research group MI (J. Jacobsen) and the seminar room are located.
Lunch will be available in the Casino, approx. 5 min walking distance from the HKI - there's a choice of four different courses (incl. at least one vegetarian option) plus a salad buffet available.


For the regular dinners we'll meet in different restaurants around the city center in Jena - this will ensure that you'll see the city and have different choices every evening!

Welcome reception

On the first evening, we'll wellcome you all for dinner and drinks in the "Zur Noll", a restaurant in the historic part of the city center.

Farewell party

On our last evening, we'll go for a nice dinner (location to be determined) followed by an open end pub crawl! You're chance to experience the vibrant pub scene in the Wagnergasse in Jena.

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